People with wide heart and sweet mouth can live longer

People with wide heart and sweet mouth can live longer

“Good words, warm three winters”, in addition to being obedient, and the speaker himself.

For the elderly, they often say a few words of “sweet words”, which makes them laugh and open their mouths. It is a good longevity.

  There is a 104-year-old woman who is physically tough and can do needlework.

When she was interviewed by TV, she talked about her longevity secret: she had no heart and lungs, she could eat and sleep, her heart was wide and sweet, and she followed her every day, and she smiled on the wooden board every day.

  Indeed, the mentality of peace and joy is the most rare and precious thing for the elderly.

With the increase of age and the increase of physical function, too many old people will breed pessimism, and people become dull and lonely. This is a more terrible hidden danger than physical illness.

The mouth is sweeter, praises others more, makes people pay more attention to positive, positive factors, is conducive to the creation of good interpersonal transformation, but also brings peace and simple happiness and bleak joy.

  Of course, “sweet mouth” is not a blind talk, but it is not to flatter the flattery of others. It needs to be put in place for others to think about, to discover the strengths of each other, to understand their difficulties, and to be clear about their identity, role, and ability to speak.opportunity.

  For the same age, we must have respect and understanding; for the younger generation, more care and love.

To be more affirmative about the actions and opinions of others, the praises are not praised, and even criticism should pay attention to methods and methods.

Always with friends, family to find some topics of common interest, or just talk about home, chilling, timely expression of concern, understanding or sympathy, will also close each other’s distance.

  The old man with a “sweet mouth” is like “happy gods”. When you go there, you have a relationship. Affirming others and caring for others is also a health gift for yourself.