How to solve sexual disharmony

How to solve sexual disharmony

Sexologists point out that sexual mismatch can affect the pleasure of both sexes, affecting their intimate relationship, and in severe cases can lead to sexual dysfunction on one or both sides of the couple, and even cause a crisis in marriage.


hzh {display: none; }  下面通过几种较常见的现象来分析性失谐的常见原因,帮助化解性生活中的矛盾,实现夫妻性生活的和谐与完美.

  He became a beast because of weakness. He admitted that he was like a fierce beast in bed, or screaming or screaming like a beast when making love. For him, even a gentle caress is a bite to you, but youThe hope is gentler and gentler. The reason is that the wife should not only think that this may be his temperament. In fact, in real life, this situation is more common in some men who have problems in self-evaluation.psychological.

  He doesn’t feel how powerful he is. When they are defeated by the contempt and blindness of their stronger and more arrogant female partners, these men will subconsciously create a kind of revenge, vilifying and insulting each other’s psychology.It seems that this will free yourself from the feeling of inferiority.

  Therefore, it is appropriate to use the word “external strong and dry” to express their inner state.

  Not long ago, the American sexologist Ed Wald Morley pointed out that the current man is most afraid of certain women, one is aggressive and the woman who is imperious; the second is a very high cultural culture or a high level of culture.A woman who is educated; a third is a woman with a particularly strong body; and a fourth is a woman who looks particularly beautiful.

Men who encounter these women are more likely to be self-satisfied and happy.

And when they interact with these women, they often have to be reluctant.

  It is recommended that the wife should be told that your relationship is facing a crisis.

Maybe the husband loves you very much, but he also feels uncomfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. If this tendency is not corrected in time, it may eventually lead to a marriage tragedy.

It is recommended that the wife re-adjust her sexual relationship with her husband so that he can overcome self-esteem and build self-confidence.

  Even if you are a very beautiful and accomplished woman, and he is a man who looks plain and has no glory in his career, as long as you still love him, as long as you cherish the love of your marriage,I will try my best to find all the good things in him and sincerely appreciate him.

  Maybe, his piano is playing very well, or his accordion is very good, or he can do a good job at home. you tell him that he is much better than you and other people in this respect.。
  What will happen at this time?

When he feels that he is a hero outside the bed, he will regain his confidence in bed.

At this time, you will find that his caressing hands have become so gentle, and the whisper that he said in bed is so euphemistic. He is simply a “sexual lazy man”. He is a full-fledged lazy man.In addition to sexual intercourse, sexual relatives seem to have nothing to do.

So every time you make love, he will tell you, or you care for yourself, how do you like to do it!

  This man suffers from “sexual lazy syndrome.”

They believe that sex is the contact of sexual organs, and caress seems to be superfluous.

They seem to think that in the sexual relatives, the men’s hands are to support their own body, and there is no need to do anything else.

  Maybe he still thinks that women will do well in this respect, so let women grasp it.

In this way, she is satisfied with her own, and he can get the happiness he deserves without even effort.

  Sexual love should always be both a request and a kind of giving.

Tell him that sexual laziness is actually a kind of cold, negative and irresponsible practice of sex, of course, he will not get true and can be satisfied and happy.

  At the same time, tell your expectations, where your body is most sensitive, and how to caress you to make you more excited.

At this time, some men will not be willing to be the “low energy” of sex, they will quickly learn the kind of cares you are looking forward to, to be a good man who is dedicated and competent.

  She is embarrassed because of her own body. She always feels that it is a terrible thing to expose her body in front of her husband. Therefore, she does not want her husband to see his naked body and make it easier to make love under the light.

She never even strips off all her clothes when she is having sex, and she is always obscured and overly cautious in her relatives.

  This makes it difficult for both men and women to maintain their utmost and achieve that kind of hearty state.

  This situation may be related to her excessively harsh tutoring in her early years, that is, it is a very shameful thing to expose her body in front of men.

  In addition, some women always think that their body or parts of the body are not beautiful enough, and even have certain flaws. They fear that when they have sex, they will have any influence.

  According to relevant information, 47% of women are dissatisfied with their body size, such as body fatness and breast size, 20% of women are dissatisfied with whether their skin is smooth and white, and 15% of women have their own body hair.In particular, the number and distribution of pubic hair on the haze is not satisfactory.

With this kind of thinking, they naturally do not want to reveal their bodies in front of their lover.

  The men explained to their beloved wife that the body of the two sexes is a wonderful masterpiece of art created by nature. It is the best gift that God has given to human beings. It makes both men and women fascinating.

  In sexual relatives, usually only revealing their own body can overcome the attraction of each other, evoke passion, and make both sides enjoy the greatest happiness.

In short, it is necessary to eliminate the woman’s misconceptions and understanding of the naked body when making love.

  Simple, you have to say more compliments to your wife.The more realistic the compliments are, the better!

If she thinks her breasts are small, you say, what is good for big breasts, not cows!

You are so excited about the delicate breasts that you are so excited. If she is embarrassed that she is lying for her strong thigh, you say that the plump and rounded woman is really feminine and the legs are thin.The woman seems to have not developed, I am the least interested in this woman. After listening to this intimate compliment, she will naturally lift her concerns and no longer feel embarrassed.

Don’t stop compliment at this time, continue to encourage her.

In the end, she will be truly liberated from the bondage of sexuality and bad sexual psychology, and you will naturally get an unprecedented lust, the intimate life of the couple will become more harmonious and perfect.

  She became nervous in sexual life because she was afraid of unwanted pregnancies. They were especially afraid of accidental pregnancy. Therefore, these people always worried that the condom slipped and did not break. The contraceptive method used at that time was effective, and the husband would not be in the middle.Secretly taking the condom off, etc.; sometimes thinking about how to do in case of an unwanted pregnancy, and how painful it is to have to have an abortion; some women are afraid of getting pregnant, even when she feels that men are goingWhen ejaculation, he would slip out of his body; some women, after the end of sexual intercourse, quickly watched that the condom was broken, and then rushed into the bathroom to rinse the body. realized that in this fear and uneasinessUnderneath, it is difficult to have a harmonious and satisfied sex life.

  Giving birth to a child does not mean that the woman physically bears the necessary physiological load for nurturing a new life, and both parents have to bear responsibility and obligation for the birth and upbringing of their children, and they pay a lot in spirit and economy.

  Therefore, some women are afraid to conceive in their sexual life, and this situation is indeed extenuating, and it is also a common occurrence of many young women of childbearing age.

  The husband can tell her plainly that there are many safe and effective contraceptive and birth control measures called selection.

As long as you choose the right contraceptive measures according to your own situation and strictly follow the requirements, it is generally safe and reliable.

  In case of contraceptive failure such as spondylolisthesis or rupture, take emergency contraception.

When making love with your own lover, the man should treat self-confidence with a very serious and responsible attitude.

  Her husband’s “depreciation” and “pragmatic” will make her discover that she is confident rather than her own. At this time, she completely relieved her worries and trusted her husband.

  And when the true trust between the lovers is truly mutual, please believe that they will be able to climb to the top of the world of sex and bliss.