White collar office posture needs attention

White collar office posture needs attention

I often hear white-collar workers complaining, I am fat!

In fact, the aunt’s accumulation caused fat, not only how much to eat, it is probably because the posture is wrong.

My aunts pile up, my body is fat, not only because I eat too much, but I don’t have to move too much. Maybe it’s your posture is wrong, especially the white-collar workers sitting in the office all day, how do you usually sit and how to stand, how to stand, untilOne day, the embarrassing figure in the mirror ruthlessly hits you, laughs at you, and sees where you come from, beautiful and confident!

Don’t regret it then, let’s take a look at the culprit who made you fat, and resolutely put the highly fat killer in the cradle!

The hunchback ruins the female curve buckle, which will cause the chest to not stand up and sag.

Humpback, leading to shoulders, back stacking, tiger back bear waist, lost the feeling of female spirit show!

The cause of skin looseness is often written down at the desk, suitable for easy skin relaxation, double chin, blurred lines and resulting in continuous meat.

Relaxed and leaned back, there will be a deep neckline behind the neck, unfortunately piled up at the junction of the neck and shoulders, a large meat mass appeared.

Improper sitting posture causes the abdominal swimming ring to bend and bow when sitting, how to sit comfortably, and form a “swim ring” in the middle section.

The excess squats on the waist and the abdomen accumulates.

Improper standing causes the legs to slack and sag when the top is tilted and sag. The weight of the upper body is pressed against the lower body, causing the hips to sag and sag. The hips are tilted and the muscles are extended and the thighs are thicker, especially the thighs.