The diet of the elderly should not be too light

The diet of the elderly should not be too light

As soon as the elderly, diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood fat and other chronic diseases will come to the door, so for the sake of health, the old people began to control the diet: low sugar, low oil, low salt. In short, everything is light, then lightThe main idea.

However, Wu Qing, the chief physician of the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army General Hospital, pointed out that it is true that the elderly insist on the “three lows” diet, but it is not worth promoting the practice of anything.

  Dr. Wu told reporters that there are many elderly people with diabetes in outpatient treatment, because they worry that excessive excess sugar will aggravate the condition, and many foods are afraid to eat, which in turn causes a lack of nutrition.

In fact, suffering from diabetes can also be easy to eat, as long as you understand the ingredients and transformation of some foods, calculate the daily intake, there is no need to “grass and soldiers.”

  It is important to point out that some elderly people are afraid of excessive plasma supplements, so it is not right to choose to eat only egg whites and not egg yolks.

Because even elderly people with high serum plasma levels, as long as the plasma replacement amount is guaranteed to be zero.

Less than 5 grams will be fine.

Each egg yolk has a cholesterol content of about 200 mg, so it is completely unnecessary to deliberately not eat egg yolk.

Moreover, egg yolk contains rich protein, and lecithin, which can lower serum cholesterol, and other human health-promoting substances. If it is discarded, it will do more harm than good.

  In short, the most important thing for the elderly to eat is to pay attention to the nutritional balance.

Because their compensatory ability is relatively poor, any nutrient should be appropriate, neither too much nor too little. Only then can the elderly have a healthy body.