Old people eat eggs to avoid three major misunderstandings

Old people eat eggs to avoid three major misunderstandings

Eggs are foods that old people often eat, because eggs are soft and good to chew.

But in the daily diet, eggs are eaten with white sugar, soy milk, and rabbit meat. These are the biggest misunderstandings.

Here are three misunderstandings for the elderly to eat eggs.

  Taboo 1: Eggs and white sugar are cooked in many places and have the habit of eating sugar and poached eggs.

In fact, eggs and sugar are cooked together, and the amino acids in the egg protein are added to form a fructosyl lysine conjugate.

This substance is not easily absorbed by the body and has an adverse effect on health.

  Taboo 2: Eating eggs with soy milk and soy milk in the morning, or eating eggs in soy milk is a lot of people’s eating habits.

Soymilk has a sweet taste and has a lot of nutrients. It has a strong nourishing effect.

However, one of the special substances called micro-protease, combined with egg white protein in egg white, will cause loss of nutrients and reduce the nutritional value of both.

Taboo 3: Eggs and rabbit meat can not be eaten with rabbit meat.

Eggs with rabbit meat will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and cause diarrhea.