Do not follow the gum bleeding!

These 5 oral problems are terrible!

Do not follow the gum bleeding!

These 5 oral problems are terrible!

You said that your teeth have never hurt?

Then you are definitely not a human being on the earth. It’s not a cold day, and it’s not a sudden toothache.

After all, when anyone does not cherish the health of the mouth, it will be a painful tooth after a long period of time, and it is really strange.

What’s more, even if you brush your teeth every day is not enough, oral diseases will still find the door, the pain will still hurt.

Do not believe?

Look at these few – brushing your teeth – periodontal disease brushing your teeth out of blood, “a little thing.”

Almost everyone is no stranger to bleeding gums, but you are not so lucky for long-term bleeding. You may have been included in the list of “old teeth” or even “young teeth.”

What causes bleeding in the gums is actually one of the most common diseases of dentistry – periodontal disease.

Large trees growing in the soil, once the surrounding soil is loose and dry, the big trees cannot grow.

The teeth are also as long as the big tree in the periodontal tissues (gum, alveolar bone, etc.). If you do not pay attention to oral hygiene, the periodontal pathogens will take advantage of it, forming plaque, calculus, gingivitis, and bleeding.It will follow.

Continue to develop, the bones around the teeth are absorbed, the loose teeth will start slowly, and the “old teeth” is really not a dream.

Therefore, in the case of brushing teeth bleeding, you should not be uncomfortable, go to the hospital for periodontal treatment (tooth cleaning) is the best policy.

Sleeping molars – molars, black wind, high night, fine teeth (hen) no (da) sound!

I believe that someone has experienced the awakening of a tooth, even if it is not his own, it may be lying next to it. or next door.

There are many reasons for molars, such as choice, tension, stress, tooth occlusion, drug factors. There is always one for you.

If you think that grinding your teeth is just a bad habit, it is a big mistake.

In fact, this is a disease, it is cured!

Bruxism is the third most important disease affecting sleep after snoring.

Grinding is an unconscious process that produces a very large chewing force that is 10 times the general chewing force.

Long-term wear of the teeth can lead to shortened crowns, causing dentin sensitivity, endodontic diseases, periapical diseases, broken teeth and other diseases, which will lead to pain in the masticatory muscles, avoid pain in the jaw joints, and make a sound.

Therefore, if you have bruxism, you should go to the doctor as soon as possible. Even if you can’t find the reason, you can wear a custom tooth pad to protect your teeth.

After all, no one wants to be a mouse. There is an unspeakable taste in the mouth – people with bad breath bad breath have a unique charm, a mouth can “be fascinated by all beings”. bad breath may be eating some “have”Taste” food (a small amount of garlic, durian, coffee) may also be caused by poor oral hygiene, dry mouth, smoking or other systemic diseases, and persistent bad breath is also a dangerous sign of periodontal disease.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day, use a floss or interdental brush to clean your teeth, and watch your dentist regularly to prevent bad breath.

If you don’t want to “talk like a fart”. Don’t hesitate, go to the doctor.

Mouth dry, but not thirsty – dry mouth drink a lot of water, still feel that the mouth is dry, can not wait to take a water pipe directly into the . . In fact, many people have such questions, especially the elderly, the investigation found that 30%?
50% of the elderly have different levels of dry mouth.

In addition to glandular atrophy, eating too salty, drinking less water and other physiological reasons, many diseases can also lead to dry mouth, such as diabetes, anemia, immune diseases, hyperthyroidism, long-term wearing dentures, salivary gland damage.

In addition, patients with dry mouth are prone to long fractures.

The next time you meet a few cups of people who are not thirsty, don’t be busy saying “good guys”, let the doctor identify them first.

There are white spots in the mouth, ulcers – abnormalities of mucosal abnormalities that never ulcerate, please ignore . normal oral mucosa can be described in 6 words: moist, soft, pink, elastic, smooth, continuous.

If your oral mucosa is not really “beautiful girl”, then there may be trouble.

Some mucous membrane abnormalities do not have much uncomfortable feeling. Some oral white spots may just look rough in the mouth, cyanosis, but not painful, itchy, and not ulcerated.

But oral leukoplakia is a precancerous lesion. If left unchecked, the chance of cancer is high (10%?

In addition, oral cancer may also be only long-term non-healing, regular ulcers, early without any pain and other discomfort.

Therefore, when the oral mucosa often shows abnormalities, it should be given enough attention.
Of course, there is one exception that must be the exception. Your ulcers are bitten by your own heart.