Food Calcium Champion – Stone Snail

Food Calcium Champion – Stone Snail

Do you know what foods contain the highest toxins?

Is the food with the highest calcium content milk?

Recently, five food “champions” have been included in the Science Knowledge Handbook of the International Health Lifestyle Expo in Shanghai.

The five foods are: the food with the highest metabolism is oil; the food with the highest cholesterol is egg yolk; the food with the highest calcium is stone snail; the food with the highest vitamin A is goat liver; the food that replaces the most fiber is cockroach.

  The highest amount of oil and fat should be absorbed by the human body every day at around 2,000 kcal.

The speed of 100 grams of fat pork is 807 kcal, but the conversion of 100 grams of edible oil can reach 900 kcal, so all kinds of pure animal or vegetable oils must be eaten as little as possible. The daily absorption of oil should be controlled at 25-30 grams.

  The first plasma intake of citrate should also be strictly controlled. The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that the amount of plasma taken from food should not exceed 300 mg per day.

The highest cholesterol in common foods is egg yolk, which contains 2850 mg in 100 grams.

  Stone snail is a calcium-containing champion. Everyone knows that dairy products are the main source of calcium, but the calcium-containing champion in food is stone snail. The content of calcium in every 100 grams is nearly three times that of shrimp.

  Sheep liver vitamin A is the most abundant food residue with high vitamin A content, part of which is derived from animal foods such as animal liver and egg yolk; the other part is derived from carotene yellow-green vegetables and fruits such as carrots, tomatoes, etc.

But in the food of these vitamins and vitamins A, the champion still counts the goat liver, and the content of vitamin A is nearly five times that of pig liver.

  The largest dietary fiber of dietary fiber is called the “scavenger” of the human body. The food supplemented with high fiber is basically vegetables, dried and rough processed cereals. The highest content of supplement fiber in the sorghum is higher than the content of celery per 100 grams.Six or seven times higher.