Spring wild vegetables can cool down and relax

Spring wild vegetables can cool down and relax

Click to buy everyone is now in the spring of spring breeze, but still relatively dry, spring main hair, yang gradually rising, many people’s nose is easy to bleed, there will be sore throat, mouth sore, stillThere are too many people with constipation invasion.
Zhang Zhongai, director of the Jinling Medical Center of Nanjing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Jiangsu Province, said that in the recent clinic, many patients will describe the condition with a sentence: “I don’t know if it is cold. Recently, the gums are a little painful, and the mouth feels like ulcers.”.

“These symptoms are indeed what the common people often say “get angry.”

  Although the fire in the spring is not a big deal, it also affects the mood and normal life.

But why is it so big in the spring?

Bai Yaping, director of the Chinese Medicine Department of the First Hospital of Hebei Medical University, said: The traditional medicine of the motherland believes that all things in the spring nature are recovering, the yang is rising, and it is easy to disturb the human liver, the gallbladder, the internal heat accumulated, and the spring dryness is the internal fever that occurs after the imbalance of yin and yang in the human body.

In addition, most of the northern part of the developing world is characterized by dry and windy climate, which often makes people feel uncomfortable.

Moreover, the weather changes in the spring are erratic, it is difficult to maintain the balance and stability of the body’s metabolism, and it is easy to cause physiological disorders and fire symptoms.

  This is why people often get angry, easy to dry, and irritable in the spring.

As far as Chinese medicine is concerned, the liver has the function of raising and stimulating, storing blood, and relaxing the emotions. It corresponds to the recovery of all things in spring.

Therefore, the spring is in harmony with the liver, and in the spring, it is mostly liver fire.

  Relaxing in the mood to reduce the fire, the people mentioned the fire, naturally think of the fire, some kind of huanglian Shangqing pill, Niuhuang Jiedu pill and so on.

Here we must remind you that dryness is also divided into cool and warm and dry, in which the fire after the spring equinox has liver fire, heart fire, lung fire, stomach fire, etc., that is, the internal organs have fire, fireAlso have to be symptomatic.

  Bai Yaping said that liver fire is caused by external stimuli.

Some people are being ruined by some difficult things, anecdotes, and troublesome things in life, work, and work. They are always under some kind of worry, imbalance, and are prone to get angry.

Therefore, in order to eliminate liver fire, it is necessary to adjust the mood and stabilize the mood, because the anxiety will add fuel to the fire, and keep the mood comfortable and regulate the fire in the body.

  The spring wild vegetables are the hot spring vegetables such as Malan head, purslane, chrysanthemum brain, etc., all have the effect of clearing heat and reducing fire.

It is recommended that you can eat some seasonal wild vegetables in the spring, cold salad, and stir-fry.

It has a certain health care effect and can also balance the bonfire.

After the vernal equinox, you can eat some pears to moisten the lungs and remove the dryness. The pears are cold and sweet, and have the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, nourishing yin and clearing heat.

There are many ways to eat, some raw food, steamed, juiced, roasted, boiled water, etc., but also eat more glutinous, lily, white fungus, lotus root, yam and other foods also have the effect of moistening the lungs and spleen.

Obviously, the relative taste of spring vegetables and pears is cold. Therefore, people with bad spleen and stomach, especially in the spring, should eat less, so as not to damage the spleen and stomach.

  In addition, eat more fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits, such as cucumber, orange, bitter gourd, fig, pea sprouts, leek, etc., have a good fire effect.

Carrots have a good effect on supplementing the body’s vitamin B to avoid chapped lips.

In addition, you can take a variety of cool granules, such as Xia Sangjuju granules, Jinju granules, etc. are also very effective for “clearing fire”.

Bai Yaping also reminded that if it is a slight fire, through the diet conditioning, the general symptoms of life conditioning can be alleviated.

If the fire is heavier, you should go to the hospital to see a doctor. Under the guidance of a Chinese doctor, you can use the medicine to clear the fire.

  Through the above sharing, I hope to help the friends who got angry in the spring.